Sounding croaky, hoarse or husky? Uncomfortable or strained throat? Tired Voice? Losing high notes or struggling to project? Throat clearing regularly?

This is a live vocal health presentation with visuals and interaction, which can be delivered in person or online. During this 2 hour presentation I teach how common voice problems occur, plus top remedial and prevention techniques.

This presentation is suitable for executives, presenters, public speakers, lawyers, teachers, actors, sales and telesales representatives, singers, anyone with a voice!

Really clearly explained, lots of opportunity for asking questions, slide show and practical exercises were really useful too. Thanks!

The presentation taught me so much more specifically than I learnt in the past years.”

Excellent, engaging session. I went in thinking I understood most of the topic but ended up learning so much more through a brilliantly paced presentation which was expertly presented by Fran. She also answered and explained every question the group had thoroughly and perfectly. It really was a great session.”

Great examples given, clear explanations and friendly atmosphere. Thanks Fran.


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