Empowering the Female Voice will teach you how to speak with effect and influence. You will sound like a leader, and people will listen to you. You will be able to avoid conflict and communicate effectively with men and women at all levels. You will be able to sell yourself and your product by the way you use your voice.

Women from a broad range of industries say they struggle to be “heard” and respected. This can be in one-to-one situations, with clients and colleagues, in the meeting room, on the telephone, in the classroom, even at home, or when presenting to a large audience. What a shame to be held back by something as simple as the voice! By learning how to use your voice effectively you can sound convincing and credible. You can be an influencer. You don’t have to be an actor to do it and it isn’t just about volume or pitch. It’s about vocal energy, the way you use your larynx, breathe and articulate, your body posture and vocal quality, all while maintaining your true, authentic self and voice.

Empowering the Female Voice can be tailored to your specific needs and delivered in-house or online.

Contact me to discuss what you need and I will tell you what I can do:

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Oh my word. I just have to say a big thank you Fran. This workshop was fantastic and I have loads of techniques ready to use for when I’m feeling too quiet and wavery. I really enjoyed today and am on a high. Great to meet everyone there and thank you for your feedback.

Fran and the group itself were very open and supportive; even though it was a very anxiety provoking situation for me I felt supported as well as challenged. The size of the group worked really well for me. The techniques themselves were very effective and I was amazed at how much progress I made. I am excited to use the resources to practise at home. It was a very positive experience – thank you so much!

It was fun, relaxed, high teacher/student ratio so lots of individual attention, interesting material and it felt like everyone went away with something that would make a real difference in their life. You are a very inspirational teacher with a sensitive feedback approach – clearly very experienced in seeing what’s needed for each individual. A hugely enjoyable day – nothing I would change, you didn’t lose me once and I would do it all again. Looking forward to using the techniques!!!!! Thank you!