Oh my word. I just have to say a big thank you Fran. This workshop was fantastic and I have loads of techniques ready to use for when I’m feeling too quiet and wavery. I really enjoyed today and am on a high. Great to meet everyone there and thank you for your feedback.” Empowering Female Voice workshop participant

Fran and the group itself were very open and supportive; even though it was a very anxiety provoking situation for me I felt supported as well as challenged. The size of the group worked really well for me. The techniques themselves were very effective and I was amazed at how much progress I made. I am excited to use the resources to practise at home. It was a very positive experience – thank you so much! Empowering Female Voice workshop participant

It was fun, relaxed, high teacher/student ratio so lots of individual attention, interesting material and it felt like everyone went away with something that would make a real difference in their life. You are a very inspirational teacher with a sensitive feedback approach – clearly very experienced in seeing what’s needed for each individual. A hugely enjoyable day – nothing I would change, you didn’t loose me once and I would do it all again. Looking forward to using the techniques!!!!! Thank you! Empowering Female Voice workshop participant

Excellent, engaging session. I went in thinking I understood most of the topic but ended up learning so much more through a brilliantly paced presentation which was expertly presented by Fran. She also answered and explained every question the group had thoroughly and perfectly. It really was a great session. Healthy Voice Presentation attendee

I am profoundly deaf and despite many years of training with speech therapists, I still had substandard speech when I first came to Fran, in our very first session she quickly identified the main causes of my speech problems and developed a long term strategy on how to mitigate them. Her adaptable and holistic approach over the following months led to huge improvements in my speech which allowed me to charm my way into my current job working as a scientist in the Met Office! Mark Worsfold, deaf speaker

This presentation was jam packed with useful information and lots of exercises that can help on a daily basis. Fran’s delivery was presented at a good pace. She explained each section with easy to understand information. Just the right balance of science and practical work!! Healthy Voice Presentation attendee

“Fran worked hard to create a supportive environment, and this in turn helped people to engage even more fully with the content. The explanations were very clear and direct, and because of this, the concepts were made accessible and understandable.” Health Voice Presentation attendee

“I liked the fairly technical explanation of why various exercises were good for the voice, Fran’s lovely engaging manner, the interactive elements, the fact that she sent on notes later.” Empowering Female Voice workshop participant

“The presentation taught me so much more specifically than I learnt in the past years.” Healthy Voice Presentation attendee

“Really clearly explained, lots of opportunity for asking questions, slide show and practical exercises were really useful too. Thanks.” Healthy Voice Presentation attendee

“When I met Fran, I had the smallest hope that my voice could be rehabilitated, after years of miss-use and in turn- vocal fatigue. Not only did Fran achieve this for me, she inspired and taught me how to become a vocal coach myself. Fran’s approach and teaching methods, along with her impeccable knowledge of the voice has enabled me to reach goals I never thought possible. Fran is an astounding teacher!” Hannah Wood, Sound of Sirens (“they are as tight as a drum, it doesn’t get much better than this” – Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2. See their latest videos, gigs list, live on Chris Evans Breakfast Show and Chris Evans’ TFI Friday Show. Get their music on iTunes)

“I began working with Fran eight years ago and was immediately impressed by her enthusiasm and work ethic. Throughout these years, from working on cruise ships and recording studios, to making my own music film and going on tour, Fran has always been there ensuring that my technique is both safe and efficient, as well as forever encouraging me to dig deeper and find the raw emotion in my work. Thanks Fran!” Jacob William