Empowering the Female Voice


Saturday 26 November 2016, 9.30am-12.30pm, Southbourne BH6

Learn how to speak with effect & influence for increased confidence and success. Effective male and female voices differ in characteristics, and therefore require different coaching.

The Empowering the Female Voice workshop has been designed to teach your how to make an impact with your voice. Women from all industries, including teachers, executives, sales representatives, public speakers, presenters, even singers and actors, have reported to me that they struggle to be “heard” and respected. This can be in one-to-one situations, at home, in the classroom, meeting room, on the telephone, or when presenting to a large audience. Public speaking requires some confidence, (don’t I know it!) but when we speak more confidently we feel more confident. This isn’t just about volume, it’s about vocal energy, the way you use your larynx, breathe and articulate, your body posture and vocal quality, but all the while maintaining your true, authentic voice.

This intensive, 3 hour workshop, will introduce you to:

vocal energy | open throat | breathing | articulation | posture & body language | uptalk, vocal fry and, erm, filler words | authenticity | vocal health

Maximum number, 6 participants, to allow for plenty of 1 to 1 attention.


Saturday 26 November 2016


Southbourne, Bournemouth


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